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South Florida Club Sport Participation Waiver

I know the events and activities offered by Sports & Social Clubs of SFLA, LLC d/b/a/ SOCO Club Sport are potentially hazardous. I am in proper physical condition to participate and fully understand that participants will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury or illness (including COVID-19), including permanent disability or death, and severe social and economic losses which might result not only from their own actions, inactions or negligence, but action, inaction or negligence of others (including South Florida Club Sport), the rules of play or the condition of the premises or of any equipment used and further, that there may be other unknown risks not reasonably foreseeable at this time, assume all the foregoing risk and accept personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability or death, hereby release, discharge, covenants to indemnify and not to sue Sports & Social Clubs of SFLA, LLC. d/b/a Soco Club Sport and it’s affiliated organizations and sponsors, employees and associated personnel, officers, directors, agents, including the owners and leasers of premises used to conduct the event, all of which are hereinafter referred to as ‘releasees’, from any and all liability to each of the undersigned, his/her heirs or next of kin for any and all against any claim by or on behalf of the participant as a result of his/her participation in the league.


I acknowledge that any and all medical expenses occurred from this activity are solely my responsibility.   South Florida Club Sport & all of the above mentioned entities do not provide medical insurance of any kind. I grant South Florida Club Sport permission to use photos, videotapes or any other record of me in this event.