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Meet Our Staff

Steve Arsenault, Managing Director/Owner




I started South Florida Club Sport in 2001.  After moving from Boston to sunny SOFLA, I found it very hard to find a social/rec league to play in.  So I started my own.  For you old timers, you might remember it as the Miami Sports & Social Club.  Well, we've eveloved over time and I spend most of my time on growing the business operations.  You'll still find me playing everything (but soccer) from time to time.  But I'll certainly be at all of our social events.  Hope to see you there!




Bobby Marsh, League Director (Broward)




You'll find me roaming around the fields in Broward.  I'm in charge of making sure all of our Broward leagues go off without a hitch.  I spend my time handling registrations in the office and running various leagues and tournaments.  So if you want to play in Broward, shoot me an email and I'll get you on the field.